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Product IQ focuses on three areas to help customers get their products to market fast and right the first time.

Feasibility Studies


We help customers define key specifications to guarantee their connectors can be processed efficiently and work safely and reliably in the field.

We design new products and build ergonomic and functional prototypes using state-of-art technologies.

Initial patentability and infringement reviews on new designs are carried out as part of the risk assessment process.

We source new materials and components, manufacturing processes and manufacturing partners.

Finite Element Analyses


Connectors pose many mechanical, electrical and thermal challenges.

We analyse performance characteristics before tooling starts and often troubleshoot customers' problems in order to recommend material and design changes to optimise performance.

We carry out analyses to calculate:

  • Spring Forces

  • Stress Analyses

  • Electrical Current Capacity (Temp. Rise)

  • Vibrational Characteristics

  • Thermal Behaviour

  • Magnetic Fields and Forces

Product Design


We design products for high-volume mass-production. The design includes the plastic and metal parts, plating, cables, circuit boards and often the surrounding interfaces.

We create the 3D models and 2D manufacturing drawings, including the tolerance analyses, BOM, raw material specifications, product specifications and test specifications.

We can work directly with our customers' tooling and component suppliers to ensure that all parts and assemblies are designed for manufacturing.

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